Unipv Alumni at Vistarino Palace

Unipv Alumni at Vistarino Palace

January 15, 2016  7 p.m., Vistarino Palace, Pavia, meeting with Unipv Alumni: tour guided to “Picasso and his passions” exhibition and light dinner.

During the “Picasso and his passions” exhibition at Vistarino Palace, promoted by Alma Mater Ticinensis foundation and by the cultural association ViviPavia, Alumni Association organized a date with the Alumni of University of Pavia.

The event includes the tour guided of the exhibition and a meeting with the Association based on the restyling of the Unipv Alumni network and on the importance of being part of a strong community of Unipv ambassadors in Italy and in the world.

The evening will end with a light dinner in the palace halls.

The participation fee is 12 euro all inclusive. Obligatory booking at associazione.alunni@unipv.it