About us

Alumni Association of University of Pavia is a Non Profit Organization, made up for the creation and promotion of a huge relational network of students and graduates. It was created in 2004 and relaunched in 2011 for the 650 years of the University of Pavia. It is based on the sense of belonging to the University and on the need to make a real team which can ensure a right dialogue between the academy and the work world.

Over one hundred thousand graduates of the University of Pavia work in firms and academy, in Italy and in the world, and every year more than five thousand graduates feed this network

1 Executive Board made up by 7 members (Prof. A Majocchi, the President; T. Rossini PhD, the Vice President; Prof. R. Crotti, S. Beretta, A. Moisello, U. Magrini, M. Vairetti and the Councillors) and an Organizational Company coordinated by Chiara Pisana, with the support of the Fundraising Activity managed by Prof. Arianna Arisi Rota and Ilaria Cabrini PhD.