Unipv Alumni at Institut Pasteur

Unipv Alumni at Institut Pasteur

March 18, 2016, Institut Pasteur, Paris, second international meeting with the Unipv Alumni: friendship, collaboration and a growing network.

The Second International Meeting organized by Unipv Alumni Association took place in Paris on 18th March 2016. It consisted in a videoconference between Institut Pasteur and our University and it involved both Alumni Unipv and governance representatives of the two Institutions.

About twenty Alumni attended the event: it was an unique occasion for networking and visiting Pasteur Museum.

Keynote speakers were UniPv Rector, IP Museum Director and experts of Pasteur’s and Spallanzani’s experiments. During the meeting the basis for a future collaboration, which will involve Phd students from Pavia and Paris, were laid.

The closing dinner with Alumni Unipv concluded the event with the promise of future meetings between Pavia and Paris.

Alunni Unipv Institut Pasteur – Video